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  • Sep 9

    Several Colorado universities land a spot on Best Colleges ranking

    Denver Business Journal (9/9/2914)

    Colorado State University (CSU) came in at No. 58 on the Public Schools list and landed a No. 121 spot on the national rankings list of all schools.

  • Mar 30

    Colorado city vows to be carbon neutral, defying partisan politics

    Bradenton Herald (3/30/2015)

    "Overall, it's a progressive city," said Scott Denning, a professor of atmospheric science at Colorado State University. "But, to be a little more cynical, several of the council members who might have been inclined to say 'no' didn't, because all they were committing to was a goal."

  • Mar 30

    Colorado State University offers country's first online ski area management certificate

    Summit Daily News (3/30/2015)

    Colorado State University recently launched its online Ski Area Management Graduate Certificate of Completion for students looking to make a career on the slopes.

  • Mar 30

    Mixed Opinions on U-Multirank

    Inside Higher Ed (3/30/2015)

    Participating U.S. universities are Boston and Dartmouth Colleges; Carnegie Mellon, Colorado State, Fairfield, James Madison, Oregon State, Texas A&M and Tufts Universities; Olin College of Engineering; the State Universities of New York at Stony Brook and Buffalo; and the Universities of Connecticut and Hawaii at Manoa.

  • Mar 29

    Denver woman's CIA service revealed after 50 years

    Channel 9 News (3/29/2015)

    She grew up in Denver and went to secretarial school at Colorado State University, where her brother says she was recruited.

  • Mar 29

    Quadruple amputee dog learns to walk on artificial limbs

    New York Daily News (3/29/2015)

    Walking outside is still difficult for the pooch, Aquilina said. He will continue his rehabilitation at Colorado State University so he can further adjust to his new limbs.

  • Mar 28

    Colorado State University narrows contestants in business-pitch contest

    Denver Business Journal (3/28/2015)

    The Colorado State University Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge has winnowed the number of contestants for its business-pitch competition down to 28 from more than 130.

  • Mar 28

    CSU men, women finish second at MW indoor championships

    Coloradoan (3/28/2015)

    Both the CSU men’s and women’s teams took home second-place finishes at the Mountain West indoor track and field championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Saturday.

  • Mar 28

    CSU plans 1,077 space parking lot south of campus

    Coloradoan (3/28/2015)

    Colorado State University plans to build a 1,077-space parking lot near its south Fort Collins campus.<div style="display:none">cheats <a href="http://blog.top50ranches.com/post/Argentina-food-and-wine.aspx">read here</a> how to cheat wife</div>

  • Mar 28

    Looking at the future of College Avenue

    Collegian (3/28/2015)

    Once Old Town ends, CSU begins. The tree-filled campus breaks the regular street intersections for a mile as buildings like the University Center for the Arts and the South College Fieldhouse pass by. Despite the fact that CSU has many construction projects happening at one time, the one that will soon impact College Avenue the most is a new medical center.

  • Mar 28

    Young ag innovator helps make tech work

    Ag Journal (3/28/2015)

    An independent ag technology consultant and farmer, Harms was one of the big picture dreamers and forward thinkers invited to participate in Colorado State University’s first ever Ag Innovation Summit, hosted over three days on the Fort Collins campus.

  • Mar 28

    Zoos clash with sanctuaries over treatment of elephant tuberculosis

    Seattle Times (3/28/2015)

    Blood tests can spot signs of infection earlier and with greater sensitivity, allowing quicker treatment and quarantine, explained Dr. Mo Salman, a veterinary epidemiologist at Colorado State University who did much of the early research.

  • Mar 27

    Learn about silence, poetry at CSU

    Coloradoan (3/27/2015)

    Colorado State University faculty member Dan Beachy-Quick wrote a book-length essay on silence, which he will read excerpts from in a public lecture.

  • Mar 25

    An elephant never forgets -- really

    North Denver News (3/25/2015)

    Now new research from Professor George Wittemyer of Colorado State University’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology and his team proves that elephants’ tremendous memories of their habitats and their resources contributes to their survival in challenging environments.

  • Mar 25

    Cats Get Breast Cancer Too, and There's a Lot We Can Learn From It

    Smithsonian Magazine (3/25/2015)

    "When cats develop mammary cancer, it is much more malignant, similar to double- or triple-negative cancers in women," says Rodney Page at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University.

  • Mar 25

    Colorado Has Its Sights Set On Becoming The Silicon Valley Of Ag

    KUNC radio (3/25/2015)

    But a new report from Colorado State University takes the idea a bit further, with an agrarian twist.

  • Mar 24

    $239M in bonds for stadium sold Thursday

    Collegian (3/24/2015)

    More than $239 million in bond sales were secured by the Colorado State University System Thursday for construction of the new on-campus stadium, according to a press release. The bonds sold in less than 90 minutes.

  • Mar 24

    CSU Becomes First University To Get Platinum Rating For Sustainability

    CBS 4 Denver (3/24/2015)

    Colorado State University on Monday received the highest rating to ever be given to a university for sustainability given by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

  • Mar 24

    CSU gets top marks for sustainability

    Coloradoan (3/24/2015)

    CSU broke the sustainability rating mold this week by becoming the first institution to earn a platinum designation from a national sustainability organization.

  • Mar 24

    Fort Collins startup vies in UNC challenge

    Coloradoan (3/24/2015)

    The four Colorado State University students and recent grads behind Gamecentrics will compete for $50,000 in prize money and advising services from the UNC BizHub incubator.

  • Mar 24

    No Foul Play Suspected After Second Train Derails In Weld County

    CBS 4 Denver (3/24/2015)

    An expert from Colorado State University said there are no environmental or health impacts from the derailment.

  • Mar 23

    Beth Walker proud to be first female dean of the College of Business

    Collegian (3/23/2015)

    Walker is moving from Arizona to Fort Collins to accept her new position, and she said she admires Colorado State University for both its location and its reputation.

  • Mar 23

    Mentoring Programs Aim to Increase High School Graduates

    U.S. News and World Report (3/23/2015)

    Seth Butler, a graduate student at Colorado State University, mentored a high schooler a few years ago through a semesterlong course called Campus Corps, while he completed his undergraduate studies at the school.

  • Mar 23

    Puzzles posed by a chilly northern winter

    Cosmos magazine (3/23/2015)

    Mass and Barnes’ views were backed in February 2014 when John Wallace from the University of Washington and four climate scientists from Princeton, Colorado State University, the National Centre for Atmospheric Research and University of Alaska Fairbanks published a letter in Science, pointing out that chilly bursts of cold Arctic air, more severe than the winter of 2013-14, occurred in the early 1960s, late 1970s and in 1983, “when the Arctic sea ice was thicker and more extensive than it is today” and well before the proposed shallowing of the bed of the polar jet stream.

  • Mar 21

    Grandin shares insights on ag, education

    Ag Journal (3/21/2015)

    Just days after parts of two counties in southeast Kansas were placed under quarantine to contain the spread of highly contagious bird flu, Colorado State University animal scientist Temple Grandin made a stop in Wichita to address the National Farmers Union, using her remarks to touch on livestock disease resistance and other far-reaching ideas.

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