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  • Sep 9

    Several Colorado universities land a spot on Best Colleges ranking

    Denver Business Journal (9/9/2914)

    Colorado State University (CSU) came in at No. 58 on the Public Schools list and landed a No. 121 spot on the national rankings list of all schools.

  • Jul 30

    Colorado State University heads urban water sustainability research

    Coloradoan (7/30/2015)

    With support from a $12 million award from the National Science Foundation, Colorado State University leads the effort to establish the Urban Water Innovation Network.

  • Jul 30

    Death by Deer Mouse

    Telluride Daily Planet (7/30/2015)

    Tony Schountz, Colorado State University microbiology professor, is talking about what can accompany the mice: Sin Nombre, an often-deadly strain of Hantavirus that continues to remain mysterious some 22 years after it was first identified in the Four Corners region.

  • Jul 30

    Woo-Hoo! Companies Junk Performance Reviews

    Yahoo! Finance (7/30/2015)

    Kevin Murphy, a scientist at Colorado State University and a performance appraisal expert, described some issues with performance reviews in an email to The New Yorker:<div style="display:none">women want men <a href="http://astrobix.com/astroblog/page/howcanpeoplecheat.aspx">percentage of women who cheat</a> go</div>

  • Jul 29

    Chasing Nighttime Thunderstorms, Trying to Crack Their Mysteries

    National Geographic (7/29/2015)

    "The joke in our field is that if there's some weather phenomena that you want to suppress, just plan a field project to go study [it]," says Russ Schumacher, an atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and one of the Kansas project's leaders.

  • Jul 29

    Colorado State giving red-carpet treatment to Rashard Higgins

    Loveland Reporter-Herald (7/29/2015)

    That's how they started for Rashard Higgins at Mountain West media days Wednesday afternoon as assorted media started hitting him with questions about Hollywood Higgins popcorn, a promotional item created by the communications and marketing departments at Colorado State.

  • Jul 29

    Colorado State popcorn pitch hypes ‘Hollywood Higgins’

    Coloradoan (7/29/2015)

    Want some popcorn while you’re watching highlights of star CSU receiver Rashard Higgins?

  • Jul 29

    Grants Roundup: $10M to Ohio State for Aviation and Research Facilities - See more at: https://philanthropy.com/article/Grants-Roundup-10M-to-Ohio/231959#sthash.yajZuURA.dpuf

    Chronicle of Philanthropy (7/29/2015)

    The foundation awarded $10 million to Colorado State University to build a new equine teaching hospital, promote equine medicine, and provide specialty care for horses.

  • Jul 28

    CSU releases video explaining NISP

    Coloradoan (7/28/2015)

    Colorado State University has released an animated video called “NISP (and its SDEIS) in a Nutshell.”<div style="display:none">women want men <a href="http://astrobix.com/astroblog/page/howcanpeoplecheat.aspx">percentage of women who cheat</a> go</div>

  • Jul 28

    Grandin seeks happier animals — and people

    Glenwood Springs Post Independent (7/28/2015)

    “I do put human safety first,” said Grandin, a professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University.

  • Jul 28

    Q&A with Prof. Ken Reardon

    Coloradoan (7/28/2015)

    Ken Reardon, Colorado State University professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, wears many hats.

  • Jul 28

    Wet spring could increase West Nile risk

    Channel 9 News (7/28/2015)

    Scientists at Colorado State University say they have detected a high number of Culex mosquitoes, which could mean higher infection rates.

  • Jul 27

    Battle between farmers, cities for water a hot topic at Colorado symposium

    Colorado Springs Gazette (7/27/2015)

    The battle between cities and agriculture for water was the theme for a Monday gathering of water experts from around the West who came to Colorado State University for the institution's first Western Water Symposium.

  • Jul 27

    Innovation, technology in agriculture discussed at Summit

    High Plains Journal (7/27/2015)

    Who better to speak about technology and innovation at a cattlemen’s meeting than the head of Google’s Cloud Platform and the president of Colorado State University?<div style="display:none">women want men <a href="http://astrobix.com/astroblog/page/howcanpeoplecheat.aspx">when married men cheat</a> go</div>

  • Jul 26

    CSU's plant research arm puts down new roots

    Coloradoan (7/26/2015)

    They're making way for Colorado State University's new on-campus stadium after having greenhouses for more than 60 years on Lake Street in Fort Collins.

  • Jul 26

    Will others like Becky Hammon get the same chance?

    Santa Fe New Mexican (7/26/2015)

    She starred at Colorado State before becoming a seven-time all-star and championship guard in the WNBA, which didn’t even see her fit enough to draft.

  • Jul 24

    Boulder County horse infected with West Nile virus in state's first livestock case this year

    Boulder Daily Camera (7/24/2015)

    The horse was diagnosed by the Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Fort Collins.

  • Jul 24

    Prof studies neutrinos’ role in formation of universe

    Coloradoan (7/24/2015)

    Colorado State University physics professor Robert (Bob) Wilson is a 1977 graduate of the University of London and earned his doctorate from Purdue University in 1983.

  • Jul 24

    The Push Against Performance Reviews

    The New Yorker (7/24/2015)

    In an e-mail, Kevin Murphy, a scientist at Colorado State University and an expert on performance appraisals, pointed out some other issues: Managers have incentives to inflate appraisals; even accurate feedback can feel biased and unfair, making people less motivated and hurting relationships between supervisors and subordinates; and organizations don’t do a good job of rewarding good evaluators and sanctioning bad ones.

  • Jul 23

    Colorado astronaut travels to space station

    Channel 9 News (7/23/2015)

    Part of that work will be analyzed by fellow CSU alum and professor Dr. Susan Bailey. She is one of 10 scientists chosen by NASA to analyze Dr. Lindgren's blood work and that of the "Year in Space" mission involving astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly.

  • Jul 23

    Results of latest methane emissions study published

    Coloradoan (7/23/2015)

    A comprehensive study of natural gas transmission and storage facilities led by Colorado State University researchers has found that the total amount of methane emitted into the atmosphere from the transmission and storage sector is not statistically different from the emissions reported in the Environmental Protection Agency's 2012 Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the sector.

  • Jul 22

    Bohlender named new executive director of CSU Alumni Association

    Collegian (7/22/2015)

    The Colorado State University Alumni Association will be led by a fresh face come August.

  • Jul 22

    Kjell Lindgren going to International Space Station for 5 months

    Channel 7 News (7/22/2015)

    Lindgren, who was born in Tawian and raised in England, graduated from U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado State University and he received his medical degree from the University of Colorado.

  • Jul 22

    With 2.4 billion more people expected by 2050, can meat production keep up?

    Grand Junction Free Press (7/22/2015)

    "The estimate is that we will need to produce 100 percent more food by 2050,” said Keith Belk, a molecular biologist and professor in Colorado State University’s animal science department.

  • Jul 21

    Jul 20 2015, 3:14 pm ET Pesticide, Herbicide Used by Pot Growers Raises Safety Concerns

    NBC News (7/21/2015)

    "There is no federal agency that will recognize this as a legitimate crop," said Whitney Cranshaw, a Colorado State University entomologist and pesticide expert.<div style="display:none">women want men <a href="http://astrobix.com/astroblog/page/howcanpeoplecheat.aspx">when married men cheat</a> go</div>

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