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  • Sep 9

    Several Colorado universities land a spot on Best Colleges ranking

    Denver Business Journal (9/9/2914)

    Colorado State University (CSU) came in at No. 58 on the Public Schools list and landed a No. 121 spot on the national rankings list of all schools.

  • Jan 29

    CSU given $3M home for president

    Channel 9 News (1/29/2015)

    A house on Magnolia Street, three blocks from the Oval, was recently sold to the university at half of its appraised value to serve as an honorary President's House, CSU President Tony Frank said in an email sent to the campus Tuesday afternoon.

  • Jan 28

    Colorado State University offers study abroad programs cheaper than in-state tuition

    Collegian (1/28/2015)

    Studying abroad through certain programs at Colorado State University can actually be cheaper than a semester of in-state tuition.

  • Jan 28

    Legislative committee OKs bond sale for CSU stadium

    Coloradoan (1/28/2015)

    CSU's two-year list of cash projects, including a plan to borrow $220 million to build an on-campus stadium, were approved Tuesday by a legislative committee.

  • Jan 27

    CSU celebrates Lory Student Center re-dedication

    Coloradoan (1/27/2015)

    Colorado State University is celebrating its recently improved Lory Student Center with a host of activities this week.

  • Jan 27

    CSU recognized by National Hispanic Institute

    Coloradoan (1/27/2015)

    "We deeply appreciate NHI's recognition of our commitment to fostering educational success of Latino students," said Oscar Felix, executive director of CSU's Access Center, in the release.

  • Jan 27

    National Hispanic Institute names CSU University of the Year

    BizWest (1/27/2015)

    The university, the only state-supported institution identified to work with the National Hispanic Institute, was recognized for hosting the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session each summer in addition to promoting participation through the Alliance Program and other partnership activities.

  • Jan 26

    Frei: Avila-led Rams roaring in men's basketball too

    Denver Post (1/26/2015)

    Colorado State's students were back on campus. Moby Arena was sold out Saturday night and packed, and most in the seats had heeded the "White Out" wardrobe suggestion.

  • Jan 26

    Hamad bin Khalifa University and Partners Host Graduate Students from Colorado State University

    Zawya (1/26/2015)

    Blanche Hughes, Vice President of Student Affairs at Colorado State University, spoke about his experience with the initiative: "Colorado State University values our partnership and relationships with staff members at HBKU and the branch campuses.

  • Jan 25

    Beef cattle welfare discussed

    Bent County Democrat (1/25/2015)

    "In reality, a lot of it is not science-based," said Jason Ahola, a beef production specialist at Colorado State University speaking at the Tri-State Cow-Calf Symposium in Yuma.

  • Jan 25

    Cities may be leaking more heat-trapping methane than previously thought

    Alaska Dispatch (1/25/2015)

    But "people haven't paid as much attention to what happens after natural gas is produced and it is distributed and used," says A.R. Ravishankara, an atmospheric chemist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and former head of the chemical sciences division at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth Systems Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colo.

  • Jan 25

    Using a 'Micro' Scope to Diagnose Equine Stifle Problems

    The Horse (1/25/2015)

    “One way that ‘needle’ arthroscopes can be used is to diagnose stifle problems,” said David Frisbie, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVS, ACVSMR, a professor of equine surgery at Colorado State University’s Equine Orthopaedic Research Center, who recently completed a study on the topic.

  • Jan 24

    Bug off: Beware of stowaways

    Pueblo Chieftain (1/24/2015)

    Your local U.S. or Colorado State Forest Service office is your best resource for information about the location of specific insect outbreaks and Colorado State University Extension can assist with diagnosing landscape tree insects.

  • Jan 24

    CSU on-campus stadium could loom large in city election

    Coloradoan (1/24/2015)

    Pending approval of a financing plan for its construction, the on-campus stadium at Colorado State University is a go.

  • Jan 24

    Elm pest develops resistance to pesticide widely used to treat it

    Denver Post (1/24/2015)

    "This is nothing to be happy about," Colorado State University entomology professor Whitney Cranshaw told about 200 people Wednesday at ProGreen Expo, a major annual horticultural trade show and education session in Denver.

  • Jan 24

    Terrifying time loop: The man trapped in constant deja vu

    BBC (1/24/2015)

    Another theory, developed by Professor Anne Cleary at Colorado State University, is that deja vu is the natural result of seeing something genuinely familiar in our surroundings - such as the shape of a structure, or the layout of a room - sparking a false memory.

  • Jan 23

    CSU researchers investigate dangerous MERS virus

    Collegian (1/23/2015)

    A group of Colorado State University researchers are looking into ways to slow the spread of the potentially fatal Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome virus.

  • Jan 23

    Hickenlooper huddles with prime ministers, CEOs in Switzerland: interview

    Denver Business Journal (1/23/2015)

    So, the governor pitched the idea that it could partner with Colorado State University on some of the water-efficiency and crop-strain studies it wants to do.

  • Jan 23

    San Diego State set standard CSU strives to reach

    Coloradoan (1/23/2015)

    Larry Eustachy doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve. The CSU men's basketball coach knows what it will take to build his program into a consistent winner, as he did previously at Idaho, Utah State, Iowa State and Southern Mississippi.

  • Jan 23

    State scuttles proposed college tuition cap

    Coloradoan (1/23/2015)

    CSU students will pay $7,868 for in-state tuition on a 12-credit-hour course load in 2015.

  • Jan 23

    To find gas leaks, CSU team Googles it

    BizWest (1/23/2015)

    For Colorado State University biology professor Joe von Fischer, work is a gas. Methane gas, to be exact.

  • Jan 22

    Stephens: Broncos hiring Kubiak benefits CSU football

    Coloradoan (1/22/2015)

    From 2008-2011, four former Colorado State University stars played for Houston (a lot for a college program not consider a juggernaut) and Texans who didn't attend college in Fort Collins weren't too fond of this new-found pipeline.

  • Jan 21

    CSU grad's animated short 'The Dam Keeper' up for an Oscar

    Colorado Public Radio (1/21/2015)

    The 30-year-old filmmaker, a 2007 journalism graduate of Fort Collins' Colorado State University, produced the animated short “The Dam Keeper,” which is one of five films nominated last week for an Academy Award in the “Best Short Film (Animated)” category.

  • Jan 21

    CSU launches study to prevent health woes at dairy farms

    Denver Post (1/21/2015)

    That led Colorado State University's High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety to launch a three-year, $900,000 study of the health risks at dairy farms and what can be done to protect workers.

  • Jan 20

    CSU grad produces Oscar-nominated animated short

    Coloradoan (1/20/2015)

    Ramsay, a CSU graduate and Fort Collins native, was a producer for the "The Dam Keeper," an animated short film that's up against four others in the best short film (animated) category at the 87th Academy Awards.

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