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Daniel Bush

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Jennifer Dimas


biology, plants, sugar, amino acids, biochemical, sustainable crops

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His research uses molecular, genetic and biochemical tools to define the mechanisms and regulation of this essential process. For clean energy, Bush and his research associates are using their discoveries about the pathway and regulation of sugar partitioning to different organs to increase plant growth. The aim of this research is to maximize plant biomass generation as a feedstock for biofuels. Plants are capable of synthesizing their own food from inorganic substances using light as an energy source. Nevertheless, they are composed of many tissue systems, such as roots, flowers, seeds and developing leaves that depend on sugar and amino acid import for growth and development. In general, these essential molecules are transported to the import-dependent cells from mature leaves. This process, known as assimilate partitioning allows plants to function as multicellular organisms.

Current Research:
Bush’s laboratory provided the first biochemical and molecular descriptions of several plant sugar and amino acid transport systems that are key contributors to resource allocation between organs.

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